For Christmas last year, my partner Jaithan gave me one of these lovely Jadite candy dishes he’d found at an antique mall in Milwaukee. Even though I have quite a large collection of Fire King Jadite, I’d actually never seen this particular piece. Instantly, I loved everything about the dish! Its size and shape…the pretty scallop along its edge. As with most such things, and with Ebay only a click away, one dish quickly grew to twelve.   


Back in the 30s and 40s, these dishes had originally been used for candy, but they’re the perfect size for a dessert, aren’t they? In fact, I recently served a delicious lemon risotto with fresh grilled scallops in them for the first course of a dinner party at our apartment. The one I gave as a gift to my good friend and fellow TOP DESIGN contestant, Andrea Schroder, now serves as a delightful soap dish in the guest room of her Topanga Canyon home. Not only do they come in this pretty shade of Jadite green, they’re also available both in milk glass and orange luster.  With their perfectly scaled size and shape, these shell dishes are a great addition to your Fire King collection…or perhaps even the start to a new one!