I was over at Kravet the other day and loved their new display. From designer Windsor Smith, it’s a casual, elegant collection of her own line of fabric and furniture, all for Kravet.


I love the symmetry and how the lattice visually expands the space by drawing your eye up and through the room. The way she layers color and pattern is great too: cream and brown neutrals together with soft, muted shades of blue and green. And what a great mix! I love the silk-lined chinoiserie lantern over the sofas. It’s surprising and a touch exotic.


Speaking of exotic (and more than a touch!), how beautiful is this peacock? Even better, no harm was done to the animal as it expired of natural causes. Taxidermy isn’t for everyone, I know, but in a space like this, it’s fantastic.   


And I love this white Chippendale style armoire against the turquoise lattice. In fact, just recently, I did something similar to an old secretary by replacing the glass with mirror and giving it a fresh coat of paint. It’s the perfect piece for the bedroom of my New York City apartment. Plenty of storage, plus a pull-down desk for writing notes and working on my laptop.   


Kravet is definitely one of those places I’m always going back to for beautiful fabric and furniture. In fact, they were one of the sponsors for Top Design