I’ve been collecting glass cake pedestals for years, ever since I was a caterer back in Greenwich. Their simple elegance compliments so many of the table settings I do all throughout the year. My favorites are early American pressed glass (EAPG) from the 1880s. I especially love the different heights, patterns and simple but distinctive details, like the rings around the pedestals themselves. 



Though I have more cake pedestals in my apartment than I know what to
do with, I can’t help but keep collecting them! If I’m out and about at
a flea market and I find two in a pattern I love with an in-between
size that’s missing, eBay is the perfect solution. In many of my table settings, I use these stacked graduating pedestals to establish different heights for a sense of drama. Of course, they’re always great for cakes, but I like using them in less traditional ways, like displaying cookies or even a savory dish like quiche. Cake pedestals are a beautiful way to set out hors d’oeuvres as well. At a fall cocktail party I had a few weeks ago, I even dressed them up with dyed doilies!



Glass cake pedestals would also make a pretty centerpiece on another fall table set with yellowware and brown Bakelite. For Thanksgiving, I imagine an exuberant assemblage of nuts, egg cups with orange mums, beautiful gourds and miniature pumpkins, all stacked and arranged on graduating cake pedestals. How pretty is that? And for day-to-day use, I like to keep one on my kitchen counter, piled high with pears or apples. It’s a simple, easy way to make everyday feel fancy.