Now that summer’s over, I’m excited to spend weekends back in the city and that always includes a trip to the flea market. This was one of the best tables of the day with boxes of beautiful mother-of-pearl and shell buttons, all salvaged from old embellishment factories.



At the Hell’s Kitchen Annex, a collection of vintage art in old, wooden frames caught my eye.


This pair of French side chairs I thought were beautiful. They have such a great shape to them, but you just have to look past the fabric and imagine them in a new way! This dresser, too, would be great in the country with a sink dropped into it. I’d do a blue and white hexagon tile floor and tea towel curtains in the windows.


I loved the weighty handle on this Sheffield silverplate crumber I found.



It was originally used to clean tables between courses, but wouldn’t it be an elegant way to serve grilled salmon steak as well?


Check out these beautiful 1920s mirrored sconces. I think the scalloped edge is so pretty, don’t you? They would be perfect in a powder room or hallway. 


This hotel silver dish I picked up would be great in a bathroom filled with beautiful French milled soaps.


Toast racks make great desk accessories for holding stationary and note cards. This Swedish porcelain one I thought was quite nice.


The holidays are just around the corner, so now’s the time to keep an eye out for beautiful antique ribbon. It makes even the most mundane gift look magnificent!


So much of my inspiration comes from old books and photographs. I love seeing the way people used to decorate and entertain over a hundred years ago. It always seemed so elegant, and that’s what I love to do as well—but always with a modern twist!


Boxes like these may look like a pile of junk, but they’re often the ones with the most hidden treasures. That fork on the right would make a beautiful hostess gift come holiday time!


This antique brown paper bag I loved for its simple shape and graphic. I’m already getting inspired for my online store to come, The Butler’s Pantry NYC!


After a horrendous day of rain from hurricane Hannah that kept me indoors much too long, the flea market was just the thing I needed!