Flea markets, tag sales, junk shops—even the Salvation Army—are always full of onsie plates, stacks of singles that may be pretty, just not pretty useful when it comes time for setting the table. 


Recently, while shopping for a story at the New York Flower Market, I came across a shelf full of beveled mirror discs. You often see them beneath flower arrangements, but I thought what a cool
way to display all those onsies! They’re super inexpensive ($3-10 at Jamali Garden)
and come in all sorts of sizes. Plus, all you need are plate hangers, a
pair of scissors, a little foam tape and some ribbon. Later, if you
ever want to remove the mirror, simply soak the plate in hot water and
it comes right off. 


This first scenario shows a grouping of dessert plates I found at a tag sale for a dollar each. I love the way the mirrors catch the light.


Now that it’s fall, one of my favorite holidays is just around the corner. For this scenario, it’s a Halloween buffet and the perfect place for
a new display of mirrors in black transferware plates hung with pretty
orange ribbon. I can already see the spooky punch now!