Last weekend I was in Greenwich for a wedding between my good friends Kristina McKittrick and Brian Walsh. Can you believe I've known the two of them since we were 14 years old back in Greenwich High? I was so honored to be in the wedding party, so after rehearsal on Friday afternoon, we all headed to dinner at Coveleigh Beach Club in Rye, where her grandfather had been president from 1972 to 1974. Her dress was so exquisite, it could have easily been a wedding gown all its own! 


From the look of the invitation, I knew this wedding was going to be absolutely beautiful! I love the classic calligraphy, together with the ivory satin bow. Simple and elegant.   


As a groomsmen, I wore a gray suit with a white open-collared shirt. Casual but still very smart. On the day of the ceremony, I arrived a little early to the church, just to have a look around. Check out this gorgeous carnation wreath my friend Ronny Carroll did, along with all the flowers! It was part of a pair on the church doors greeting every guest as they took their seats.   


Here's my boutonniere, a beautiful white rose together with silvery-gray dusty miller.


On every pew down the aisle, there was an elegant arrangement of miniature variegated ficus, hypericum berries and beautiful cream-colored roses, tied with the perfect satin bow. 


Then, on either side of the alter, there were two pedestal urns filled with white hydrangeas, casablanca lilies, white stock and curly willow. Beautiful, dramatic and very appropriate.


Here's Brian's boutonniere, a simple white gardenia to match Kristina's bouquet. 


Speaking of, how beautiful is the bride? Here they are just after they were married! Such a gorgeous couple, don't you think?


Afterward, Kristina and Brian were swept away in a vintage Roles Royce for pictures. 


How beautiful a backdrop is this? It's Roger Sherman Park right on the water in Greenwich.


And how pretty are the bridesmaid dresses? Love the color combination—fuchsia with a tangerine sash. From left to right, there's Kristina's cousin Natalie, her sister and maid-of-honor Karen, and her sister-in-law Jenny.


Here's a close-up of the bridesmaid's bouquet. I love how the white pops against the vivid fuchsia of the dress. 


Here's Emily and Melissa, Kristina's twin cousins and junior bridesmaids. So beautiful.


And here they are! While the wedding photographer did his thing, I snapped a few myself. The weather, the location, Kristina in that gorgeous dress—everything really was perfect!


Here's a close-up of her bouquet filled with white and cream-colored roses, hydrangeas and gardenias.


And how beautiful are her earrings? They're 1940s starburst diamonds that add just the right amount of sparkle.   


And for a little surprise, check out her shoes! This is what inspired the colors in the wedding party. What a fun splash of color! 


After the pictures, we all headed across the way to the beautiful Hotel Delamar, where champagne was being poured…


…and the liquor flowed freely!


For cocktail hour, beautiful hors d'oeuvres were passed, like prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with hollandaise sauce in individual jars… 


…delicious beef wantons that were so crispy and good… 


…and individual lobster bisques in white Chinese porcelain spoons. How chic is that?


Meanwhile, on the seafood table, there were colossal shrimp aplenty… 


…and perfectly shucked oysters for days. So great for a wedding on the water, don't you think?


And to top them all off, check out the trio of sauces—spicy cocktail, herbed vinegar and (my favorite for oysters!) a delicious minuet. 


Here I am, blogging away, with Jaithan!


This was Jaithan's plate—blue cheese and a French baguette together with a single strawberry. I thought it was so pretty, I just had to get a picture!


Here's Kristina with her beautiful mother Nancy. Growing up, I used to go to her house all the time for Christmas Eve and still do even now!   


While it was still light out, I snuck into the dining room to have a look around. How pretty are these place cards all lined up on the table? I see ours…


Table 12 it was!


Loved the table settings—all white linens, matching bamboo ballroom chairs and simple glass stemware. I especially like how the votives and vases were both made of mercury glass. It's simple and beautiful, don't you think?


And now for the cake! Loved how the flowers matched Kristina's bouquet, though these are all made of sugar. The simple beaded edge is such a great detail and you know me…I love a monogram!


The cake server too I thought was pretty. I love the simple sterling silver handle just waiting for the bride and groom to make the first cut.   


As the evening wore on, the lanterns were lit and the moon shone bright over Long Island Sound.


Still, the guests gathered outside laughing, talking, eating and drinking before taking their seats for dinner.


Here's Kristina in the middle of it all, celebrating with friends and family. 


And how's this for inpiration? Here are Kristina's maternal grandparents Audie and Pop Pop Ben. They've been married for 60 years, and she still calls him her boyfriend!


Before the other guests arrived, I went in to capture a few pictures of the candlelit dining room. Here's Kristina's bouquet at a setting marked with their place card—Mr and Mrs. Brian Walsh.


The bridal table I thought was gorgeous! Love the hedge of flowers going down the center. Again, simple and beautiful.


With such a large table, it's important that everything is placed perfectly, so it all looks pulled together. And it does!


And how magical is the monogrammed "W" sparkling in the candlelight?


By time dinner was served, I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures! The food, though, was incredible. It was a buffet of fillet and seafood, together with delicious sides and vegetables. Afterward, Kristina and Brian took center stage to cut the cake…


…followed by an embrace that had guests in tears, toasting to the bride and groom!


Soon, the cake was cut for guests to help themselves—chocolate with a buttercream filling I loved!


And as you can see, Mr and Mrs. Walsh enjoyed theirs just as much!


With the food all done, everyone danced and partied for hours. And when it finally ended, Kristina kicked of her shoes, took Brian by the arm and bid us all good night!