This weekend, Jaithan and I were in Greenwich for a wedding between two good friends of mine from high school, Kristina McKittrick and Brian Walsh. Now I can’t take any credit, but the location, the food, the flowers—everything down to the last detail was spectacular! This was a total fairytale, I promise you, so be sure to check out the post mid-week. In the meantime, here’s a quick spin through the Knights of Columbus Flea Market we did on Sunday, the first flea market I ever went to and one of my absolute favorites. It happens twice a year, fall and spring, with all local vendors and lots of great tabletop stuff, just in time for holiday entertaining!


Check out this old wooden biscuit jar I found. Very Ralph Lauren on a budget—just 8 bucks! It has an ironstone insert that used to keep biscuits fresh at tea time. This one’s missing its lid, but I’m fine with that. I’ll probably use it for flowers anyway—maybe a masculine mix of white spider mums for a library. Now, if only I had a library…


Jaithan spotted this teapot with an inscription from 1900, and I almost gagged it was so beautiful! Love the ebony handle and finial. It really is in amazing condition, so I’m definitely glad it’s getting colder outside for all that tea we’re going to be drinking.


And what goes better with tea than toast? This antique toast rack I spotted is Victorian silverplate with an unusual shape I love! Can’t you just see the stacks of thinly sliced pullman loaf toast with sweet butter and preserves? It’s such a sophisticated way to serve a simple breakfast, don’t you think? Or, do what I do with some of my other toast racks and repurpose it completely by placing it on a desk for stationary and cards.


These plates caught my eye as well. They’re a little ornate for my taste in table settings, but I do think they could be made modern by grouping them together in a graphic arrangement over, say, a sideboard in a dining room or in a line going down a hallway.


They’re Royal Doulton and are of excellent make. I’m actually getting inspired now to do a post on all china and silver markings, just to share what I look for whenever I’m shopping the flea market. Let me know if you’d be into that!


I have to admit…I do love a plate! Throw in a seasonal pattern, a scalloped edge, give it to me for a buck and I have to get a closer look! These were on the dollar tarp, so I decided to get in.


Love the basket weave edge, the autumnal colors and all the bittersweet berries and leaves. Just looking at them, I suspected they might be Spode…


And they are! How perfect would they be for a fall dessert?


The Fairy Godmother of Fall Entertaining must have definitely been smiling down on me because at the very next booth, I found this incredible set of 1940s German Bakelite for 50 cents a piece. Can you believe it? Love the shape…and the color. It’s almost like caramel! Oooooo—apple upside down cake with caramel sauce would be so perfect on those plates, don’t you think?


And while we’re on the topic of dessert, check out these antique German pudding molds in two of my favorite types of pottery—yellowware and ironstone. These I’d use for serving pieces or even flower arrangements.


Another thing I love are vintage wire drying racks. As a caterer, I used them all the time for setting up buffets. Once they’re all polished up, they’re perfect because there’s already a place for silverware and plates. How great is that for the holidays?


And speaking of, for a Thanksgiving table, check out this vintage turkey cream and sugar set! Things like this can get a little Thanksgiving kitsch, but these are in a sophisticated color palette I love. I’d collect a whole bunch, all in different sizes, then group them on a table filled with nuts, flowers, and fall fruits.


This booth was full of antique kitchenware, which I’m always on the look out for. The deeper you dig, the better the find!


Take these antique canapé cutters I found in clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds. How perfect would they be for a super chic bridge party with my favorite playing cards from Hermés. I’d do black bread salmon sandwiches on glass cake pedestals and beautiful tartlets with mandarin oranges and lemon curd. Hermés orange never looked so good!


And how cute are these little individual Pyrex pie plates for 50 cents each? I’ve never seen them before, and I love anything individual. If the apple upside down cake on the Spode plates doesn’t work out, individual pecan pies would be so pretty, don’t you think?


Love the dollar table! You never know what you’ll find, especially with all those onsies. When I saw this railroad etched wine glass, I almost fell over! It’s exactly my pattern, and after one got broken at my Christmas party last year, I’ve been on the look out ever since.


Isn’t this pillow case pretty? I love collecting antique linen pillow cases, then giving them away as hostess gifts. They’re great in a guest bedroom, especially the ones with monograms. 


Flea markets are full of doilies that always look so dated, don’t you think? To modernize mine, I recently dyed a bunch gray. Do you have any other ideas for how to update them?


I’m always on the look out for vintage cookbooks. I especially love all the illustrations and classic recipes. This one Jaithan spotted, and I’m already craving a classic Sunday night supper of roast with carrots, potatoes and celery.


And to carve it, this antler set would have been perfect if it only had a knife. The good news is that you can find them almost anywhere, including eBay. Collections take time, but that’s the fun of it!


All these fall dinners I was planning in my head definitely made me hungry, so I had to stop for a hot dog at the cafe right on the grounds. They were grilling them up fresh, and I couldn’t resist!


Once I’d had a little something to eat, it was on to the furniture! This pair of old interior French doors I loved, especially for the good original hardware. If I had more space, I’d store them until we buy a house. Then, I’d have a cabinet in say, the kitchen, built especially just for them.


And while I’m building my castle in the sky—or, in my case, an 1870s farmhouse with out properties—this old carriage lantern would be perfect. Now, if only I had a carriage house to hang it on…   


This table I thought had a really great shape. Loved that it had a coffee table tray; hated the dark brown wood. For a bohemian, slightly exotic living room, I’d paint it fuchsia, pile it high with books, then do all Moroccan rugs with poufs in gold and orange.


Chairs like these are at practically every flea market out there. The shape’s pretty; the finish, not so much. These I’d paint a pretty pale blue, cover the seats in blue and white seersucker, then monogram the backs in white. How chic is that for beachside living?


All in all, I’d say it was a great day at the Knights of Columbus Flea Market in Greenwich. And be sure to check back this week for the wedding post as well as Objects of the Day with all my finds!