Here's a quick spin through one of my favorite Goodwill Stores in Wappingers Falls, New York. There was a lot of great furniture at this one, so I picked up a couple of pieces that I'm hoping will inspire you to do a little creative shopping of your own! 


But first, I always head for the smalls—the tabletop stuff I love to use for entertaining, doing flowers or even just for display.   


This one was definitely not as organized as the one in Maryland but still better than most of the others I've seen. And I've seen a lot!


Check out this little spooner I found! It's a great example of early American pressed glass, probably from the 1880s or so. I love the sawtooth edge and the flower medallions pressed into its surface. How pretty would this be filled with Lilies of the Valley and placed on a bedside table? For other pretty pressed glass spooners, check out ebay.


It was definitely a day for good glass at the Goodwill. Check out this pressed glass ice bucket I found! I love that the glass is actually pressed into the shape of a bucket. Ebay has nice ones too! This one I'd use for flowers or even for ice atop the fluted column table I turned into a bar in our apartment. How great would this be for martinis with the girls? Shaken, not stirred. 


Here's a pressed glass footed celery jar with a scalloped edge I love. This would be so perfect for holding coin silver spoons on a buffet table alongside a pretty soup tureen filled with one of my favorite corn chowders from Martha.


Enough with the smalls, onto the big stuff! Or in this case, the baby stuff. How cool is this vintage 1950s baby carriage?


I love the name too—Park Avenue. Can't you just see some terrifically chic mother decked out in Dior, strolling the Upper East Side? Honey would have been proud. 


So today, I thought I'd save the best for last, and that's definitely this demilune. Like the secretary and side chairs in our apartment, the wood on this piece is a veneer in bad need of an update. And for that, I say paint! It's the fastest, most inexpensive way to transform a piece of furniture. This one I'd do a pretty French gray. Then, with all the money I saved buying at the Goodwill, I'd have a piece of carrera marble cut for the top. Drop in a sink and you have the most incredible vanity for a powder room your guests would gag over! And so not Goodwill, right? But wait! It gets even better…


Ten feet away, check out these shield back chairs just begging for a little demilune love!


For an elegant foyer with a decorator touch, skip the sink and flank it with chairs covered in this super cool fabric from Rubie Green by Michelle Adams, a new friend Jaithan and I met at Heather's habitually chic party last Saturday. I'd do black and white floors, paint the veneer on the chairs a darker gray to match the fabric, hang a black mirror over the demilune, then top it off with glass candlestick lamps with yellow shades trimmed in black. Habitually chic—indeed. Goodwill glum—not a trace.


And finally, here's Jaithan holding down the fort (footed milk glass urn in hand!) while I snapped a few more pics in the back. But enough about us and all our stuff. Do you have any eyesores from the flea market, the Goodwill or even your own attic you'd like a little help reimagining? Tell me about it or send me some pics! I'd love to hear about it.