This antique pewter platter I found at a thrift shop in Sag Harbor, NY with my good friend Austin. It’s fine patina caught my eye, even though it was hidden in an otherwise junky pile. Pewter is often overlooked at flea markets, as it has a reputation for feeling too colonial, but I definitely think it can inspire a beautiful and sophisticated table.


I like to use pewter during the cooler months, in fall and winter. When I’m entertaining, I think it’s so perfect for heartier meals like Coq au Vin or stuffed pork tenderloin with dried apricots, figs and apples in a sweet red wine reduction. I especially love it on a fall harvest table set with an old homespun feedsack runner and paired with the earthy browns and burnt umbers of French hand thrown pottery. Bring more pewter to the table with beeswax candles in pewter candlesticks, then lay a simple bittersweet vine down the center of the table to add a little life. (Simply clip the vine if you have it, or pick one up at your local florist! It’s easy, inexpensive and looks amazing.) A piece like this would also look great hung up on a wall. Unlike silver, which requires constant polishing and maintenance, you can leave pewter just as is. Its patina will only get better with age!