I’ve always thought sterling silver and silverplate trophies were so English countryside chic where everyone plays polo wearing the latest from Ralph Lauren. Even in our little apartment in New York City, I think it adds a wonderful sense of history. The large silverplate trophy in the middle I found at a Goodwill in upstate New York. I love that it has an inscription from 1928! The English sterling silver one on the right I picked up on Portobello Road in London. This one’s from 1940 and really is a horseback riding trophy! Finally, the one on the left I found at the flea market here in town not too long ago.


Trophies are not only beautiful on their own, they’re also great for holding flowers, candies and even salt and pepper at table settings. And while there are so many objects in my collection that I adore, many of them even silver, antique trophies carry special meaning because of the accomplishments they represent. Sure, I didn’t win them myself, but you know what? A long time ago, someone did and to them, they really did mean something. So if I can somehow inherit these trophies, prizing them in a way I can only imagine their owners once did, that’s an accomplishment I can be proud of—among others!