Fall isn't fall without a little apple picking to sweeten up your Saturday. If you're not perforating pumpkins or snipping at ric rac, get thee to an apple orchard for the juiciest picks of the season. A few years back, on an early fall road trip friends and I took, chasing leaves all the way to Montreal, Chazy Orchards in upstate New York (emphasis on the up) was chock full of them apples, perfect for the picking. 


A little closer to home, the Biggest Apple of All, try Salinger's Orchard in Brewster, NY. As a kid, that's where I'd go with my grandparents every year for all our pumpkins and apples. Then I'd help my grandmother Dottie in the kitchen turn them into lots of delicious treats like apple sauce, apple pie and (my favorite!) apple tart. She never really had any recipes for her dishes, but here are four amazing apple desserts from Martha that do. One of the perks of working at Living is that we all get to be food tasters too. Each of these desserts was developed by my talented friends and colleagues in the test kitchens at Martha. And everyone one of them I've been lucky enough to taste myself.


This Rustic Apple Tart is so simple and delicious! The dish looks so much more rustic too when the apples are scattered rather than perfectly placed.


Who doesn't love an Apple Crumb Pie? And this one's definitely a crowd-pleaser. I love the ruffled high edge plate as well. Check out Potluck Studios from my good friend Annie Selke. She has a whole line just like it!


For a little taste of the French countryside, try this awesome Apple Galette. Pair it with a rich espresso and you might even feel like you're in Paris!   


And finally, for a touch of the savory, try this incredible Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust. When I tasted this one, I had to cut myself off it was so good! And by the way, how pretty is that Bakelite pie server? So if you're looking for a little fresh-air fun this weekend, followed by a bit of baked goodness back at home, pick yourself up some apples, try a few of my favorite recipes and break out the Häagen-Dazs! I can't wait to hear all about it.