Lampshades are one of my favorite ways to finish off a room. Though custom ones can get pricey, especially if there's a lot of fabric and trim involved, they're definitely a great way to add that decorator touch to any room.

So when I came across this clipping from an old magazine from the 30s, I thoughtβ€”why don't I try to find lampshades on the cheap, then turn them into chic? Two of my favorite places for inexpensive furniture and tabletop are the Goodwill and Salvation Army. Now I'm pretty much a regular at the ones near me, and even though it took a couple of trips, eventually I hit the jackpot!

It's a pile of lampshades at the Salvation Army right around the corner from my apartment. Target, IKEA and even Home Depot are three other places to find plain, inexpensive shades that are the perfect canvas for getting creative.


So with an old brass floor lamp from the same store, still in working condition but missing a shade, I headed home to do a little crafting of my own. 


The next day started off chilly, so I just had to break out the Uggs! A quick trip to the hardware store, then up to the roof I went. All I needed was some spray paint and a couple of rolls of spike tape, a cotton cloth tape typically used to make temporary markings on stage. It doesn't leave any residue when you peel it off, and it comes in so many great colors. Check out the final results!


Even though I only used spray paint on the shades and spike tape for the trim, I think it totally adds that decorator
touch but on a shoestring budget, don't you?


The brass on the lamp wasn't exactly in the best condition. Plus, silver just works better in our apartment, so with a can of metallic spray paint, presto chango! More spray paint on the shade in a fresh shade of green, paired with black spike tape for trim, and I think this makeover is sophisticated but still fun at the same time!


For something more classic, I spray painted the shade black, then used gray tape for the trim. 


And last, for a really custom look, I taped off stripes, spray painted them gray, then did black spike tape right over them. How pretty (and rich!) is that? So if you're looking for a fast, inexpensive way to spruce up your space, consider customizing your lighting. Just find yourself a lampshade (the simpler, the better), stop by the hardware store for spray paint and spike tape in colors that speak to you, and trim away! Oh, and don't forget to tell me how it goes!