10:15, Thanksgiving morning, and things are looking good: All your vegetables are washed, peeled and sliced. The potatoes are boiling nicely and the turkey’s about to go in the oven when suddenly the door bell rings. Now who could that be, you wonder. The family’s not coming until five. A quick wash of the hands, towel to dry and you’re at the door. Surprise! These are for you!   


Today is all about giving thanks for everything good in our lives, and especially for the people closest to our hearts. Now I know that you and I may have never met in person, but it’s through these pages, through every comment you’ve made, every email you’ve sent, that I feel, in some way, that I know you. And for that, I’m truly thankful! Your kinds words inspire both Jaithan and me so much, day after day, that we wanted to send a little something on this day to thank you not only for reading but for sharing your stories as well. Together, we’re making our homes, and our lives, better and more beautiful for the people who share them. And best of all, we’re doing it affordably! The French porcelain basket that now holds your arrangement I picked up at the flea market last week for $15. The flowers themselves are inexpensive too—a monochromatic mix of burnt orange roses, deco mums and astromerium from the corner deli—together with sickle pears from the super market and fall leaves from the sidewalk right outside our apartment. With the right color palette (seasonal and very subtle), a good mix of textures and an elegant vessel, even the most inexpensive arrangement can look like a million bucks!

For our holiday, Jaithan and I are spending some time with his family out in San Diego, so we’re going to be taking a short vacation from the blog until Wednesday, December 3rd. Enjoy your flowers, everyone, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!