Three hours till boarding time, as Jaithan and I are finally heading back home after a fantastic trip to Atlanta, full of great antiquing with fun, new friends, many of whom are even bloggers themselves! Now I'm no stranger to Scott's, but this trip was truly amazing, thanks, in part, to all the other blogging folks who came out to see us! 


On Friday, we spent the morning with our good friend and fellow blogger Steve McKenzie from Larson-Juhl, whose frames I love! Steve I've known for years, ever since my days back at House Beautiful, doing my flea marketing column Weekend Shopper. One of the most popular stories I ever did involved a set of antique buttons I'd found at Scott's, then framed in a beautiful but unexpected way. Here we are at one the silver dealers digging for treasure!    


Check out what we found! A sterling silver baby fork and spoon we're going to frame in such a pretty way, but more on that in a few weeks! 


Over the weekend, with our two flea marketing trips to Scott's, so many incredibly kind and gracious folks came out to see us from as far as New Orleans, Virginiaโ€”even Texas!  Here I am at one of my favorite booths, full of beautiful (and affordable!) delftware, transferware and pottery. Some of it was even going for two bucks a piece!  


From the same booth, check out the chic, Jasperware pitcher that Jennifer from The Newlywed Diaries and her friend Kim found. Jealous, party of one. 


Here I am with Mary Kay Andrews, a funny, fantastic writer and lifelong junker, whose earlier musings on me back in October still crack me up!


Here's Fe from Layers of Meaning with her friend Amy showing off their beautiful decoupaged magnet boards. 


Kristin from Better Together and her friend Jenn were such fun too! 


And as I was telling Martha from The Confetti Chronicles and her mother (both so lovely!), vintage lighting can add such character new homes. A little rewiring goes a long way!


Now if there's one blogger from the Great South who has shown the warmest welcome to Jaithan and me in recent months, it has to be Rhoda from Southern Hospitality. After the sweet post she did back in November, so many of her readers have clicked on over to usโ€”and stayed! Here we are looking at a gorgeous, round handmade table topper. How pretty is that?   


Outside the building, where there's so much great architectural salvage, Judy (such a sweetheart!) from Gracious Southern Living found this pair of acorn and oak leaf brackets. Can't wait to see what she does with them!   


On Monday, after all that incredible antiquing, Jaithan and I then had the great fortune of having lunch with the lovely Seleta Hayes Howard at Murphy's in Virgina Highlands, where we noshed on lobster salads and sipped pinot blanc. After last week's interview on organizing for the new year, we were even more excited to meet her! Thanks for the sweet post today. You're pretty fabulous yourself! 


And last, but not least, on our round-up of Atlanta bloggers who came out to see us was the stylish Jennifer Boles Dwyer of Peak of Chic (check out her great post today on my friend Deborah Buck's new book Tableau). Also, joining us at Spice Market were my longtime friend Pam Fleisher of Creative Candles (love their elegant tapers!), her daughter Emily and…drum roll…Kerry Howard (a.k.a. Big Daddy) from Top Design! For the full post on the little Top Design Soiree we had at Kerry's gorgeous house in Cumming, including a visit from the fierce, feisty Miss Natalie Williams, come back tomorrow!


So that's it for now, everyone. A special thank you to all the bloggers for the warm southern welcome. Let me know if I left anyone out, okay? The full recap of the shopping trips is still to come, including lots more great finds. Oops! Final boarding call and this blogger has got to go!