Last fall, during a spin through the Goodwill up in Wappingers Falls, New York, I picked up this pair of old shield back chairs. They're a good size with pretty lines and a shape that's simple and classic. The problem was they looked so…well…dusty, they made me want to sneeze!


I knew they needed a good dose of color to bring them back to life, but I wasn't sure where to go with them until I found inspiration in this vintage pair of Tiffany playing cards from the flea market. The colors I love! Very Fire King Jadeite and Turquoise Blue. A quick trip to the Silk Trading Company for their year end sale, and look what I found! It's a gorgeous woven homespun silk in the precise coloration of the cards!


After a fast stop at Home Depot for paint (Ralph Lauren's Sunwashed Blue in semi-gloss) and a couple of cans of my favorite primer (Zinsser), it was time for a little Designer DIY! With the paint all dry, here I am upholstering the seat with new batting, the woven silk, and a staple gun.


For even more Designer DIY, I added inexpensive grosgrain ribbon around the bottom of the chair with a super strong adhesive called E600. Fashion designers and upholsterers use it all the time to adhere embellishments. Just be sure to fold over the beginning and ends of the ribbon for a much more finished look!


Check out the final result! Our friend Jordanβ€”do you remember her from Team Ross?β€”was swooning over them in her West Village apartment yesterday. I especially like how pretty and playful they are now. The Lucite coffee table brings glamour to the mix, while the natural sisal rug from IKEA adds warmth and texture.


So as you consider what projects you're going to undertake this month, remember this: Be Daring. We all have safe zones that shield us from mistakes, but stepping outside those lines can yield fantastic results!