Well, everyone—after six years of living in our small but beloved sliver of Manhattan, the time has come for a newer, better and far more beautiful chapter in our lives, and if you'll join us, in yours as well! If ten years in the magazine business and a short six months of blogging have taught me anything about what it takes to create pretty things, day in and day out, that (I hope!) inspire and delight you—furniture and table settings, flowers and food, glittered webs and ornament wreaths—it's space. And I mean S-P-A-C-E. For us New Yorkers, it's everywhere and nowhere. While we do have access to great restaurants, shopping, theater and, for the designers among us, an incredible selection of fabric and furniture, right at our fingertips, truth is—most of us sacrifice the luxury of space for the proximity to all things Fabulous. But after six years, I'm over Fabulous, at least the kind that requires waiting two hours for a table on a Friday night. Now I just want to be able to cook, craft, garden, decorate, and entertain in a way that's my own version of Fabulous. With silverware, china and linens. Hydrangeas, lilacs, and clematis. I want to have garden parties and dinners by the fire. A butler's pantry and a linen closet. A room for guests (frequent) and a room for Jaithan when we're at odds (infrequent). I want a washer. I want a dryer. I want a letter box on the street. I want a dog. I want five dogs! But most of all, I want to be able to share it all with you! So guess what? In a modest, 1760s farmhouse in Millerton, New York, nestled on a 70-acre working farm with horses and sheep, cows and ponies, we found it all. Here's a picture of our new home shortly after it was built.


And here it is today. The road's been built up, the porch modified and every side is clad in shingles. When Jaithan and I first saw the house from the road, we thought it looked so classic and charming.


Even before entering, I was smitten with the door knob, beautiful and old, like so much inside.


On entry, there's the original brick of the fireplace with a shaker peg rail for hanging coats and umbrellas.


Here's the view looking into the living room with the original wood beams and wide plank floors. The bones I think are so beautiful, the perfect beginning to a mix of modern and country, a farmhouse with an edgy, sophisticated style.    


Here's the antique cooking fireplace in the dining room with a swing-arm cauldron and original beehive oven. Can't you just see the fire going with a great big pot of hearty winter stew?


Check out the details on the door of the beehive oven. I smell a wood-fired pizza party in the making.


From the kitchen window, this is the view out back. I could polish silver here for hours.  


And off the kitchen, here's a small room we're going to use as a butler's pantry and office. Finally, a proper place for all that ironstone, glass, and jadeite, right? I can't wait to show you what we do in here!


This is the view into the downstairs bathroom. How charming is that clawfoot tub?


Here's a view going up the stairs. A striped runner like this one from my friend Annie Selke of Dash & Albert would look so great!


The upstairs bathroom has a beautiful, old sink and fixtures.


Here's the closet off the upstairs hallway, perfect for all those antique linens from the flea market. Wait until I paint the inside, then line the shelves with a pretty paper!


This is the master bedroom with plenty of room for a seating group. From the window…


this is the view out back to the barn, owned and operated by our new (and friendly!) neighbors.


And from the guest room…


the view to the horse fields beyond.


Down at the barn, how cute are the miniature horses Luna and Hal?


And the cows grazing on hay.    



Here's Obo, the llama.


And finally, our favorite—a beautiful pair of prize-winning Cotswold sheep. Don't you just love their matching bells? 


There are great things ahead, everyone! Greener pastures with bigger and better posts to inspire and delight you! I hope you'll join us…