Today, we’re coming to you from Atlanta, Georgia, where Jaithan and I have taken our Flea Market Shopping Trips on the road! After posting about all the great finds everyone found on our first few trips back in New York, we received so many requests from our readers down south for a trip to Scott’s, we knew we had to do it! Plus, it’s such a great excuse to pay a visit to old friends in the area, like Steve McKenzie, whose company Larson-Juhl produces some of the most beautiful frames around. My other favorites are Kerry and Natalie from Top Design, both great designers and two of the funnest people I know! And then there’s my friend…well, you might even know him too. He’s sort of a jack-of-all-trades—a real Renaissance Man. After helping me find my first apartment in the city, he even stuck around for a while to help me furnish it. He’s dependable, super smart and easy to get along with. Plus, he’s so well-traveled, and today it just so happens he’s in Atlanta, helping us decorate a virtual dining room of sorts. His name, ladies and gentlemen, is Craig.


Hands-down, the best deal in town is this 1950s French Provincial dining room set, which includes the table (with extension), six chairs, a buffet and a hutch, all for $600. I love the integrity of the seller; this set has been in the family for years, and they don't want to break it up. The shapes are good, there's great detailing and plenty of storage. Plus, the pieces are different enough that they don't feel overly matchy. But that wood tone has got to go, so to update it, I'd start by painting every piece in the set a high-gloss black, starting with the table and chairs.


Then, I'd recover them in this fun but sophisticated
from Lewis & Sharon, an Atlanta-based retailer with lots of
great fabrics at affordable prices. The palette is so fresh, I'd definitely take my cue for paint colors right from here. In fact, they're all in the wings of the butterflies! The walls of our room I'd paint a pretty pale blue. The ceiling I'd lacquer a high gloss red. It's an inspired palette of colors, all from a roll of fabric less than $15 a yard!     


Next, I'd extend the table, place three chairs on either side, then do these wing back chairs at the ends— $75 for the pair, courtesy of Craig. These I'd recover in a rich red linen.


The hutch I'd paint black as well, though I'd swap out the glass for antique mirror, then paint the inside of the cabinet something different and a touch surprising—perhaps the same pretty pale blue as the walls.


The sideboard would be so great for entertaining, wouldn't it? Plus, there's plenty of storage for silverware, napkins, china, linens and candles. But again, that wood tone is just so dated, I'd paint the sideboard black as well, then have a piece of mirror cut for the top.   


To bring in a few of Craig's more modern offerings, first I'd hang this antique gold octagonal mirror above the sideboard. For $75, a mirror like this is a steal!


And now for the lighting. On the sideboard, flanking the mirror, I'd place this simple pair of lamps for $20. I'd paint them red with a new set of drum shades, black with red trim.


And finally, above the dining table, I'd hang this pair of classic bell jar lanterns, but for that added decorator touch, I'd wrap the candlesticks in craft paper, the same pale blue as the walls and the inside of the cabinet.


And there you have it! A virtual dining room that's sophisticated, fresh, and affordable, all courtesy of Craig—Atlanta style! But what about about you? Any scores you care to share?

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