Here's a glittery glam Valentine's card anyone can make! With glitter from a craft store, doilies from the supermarket, and a deck of cards from the drug store, I made a fast, easy, and beautiful Valentine's card perfect for kids, grown-ups, and everyone in between!     


To start off, take a fine-tip glue pen (thank you, Martha) and dab a little on the hearts.


Sprinkle generously with glitter, then dust and let dry.


Now for the doilies. The ones I found had these cute little florets that I simply cut out with a sharp pair of paper scissors.  


Next, I glued the mini doilies onto the backside of the playing card. Then, with a glue stick, I adhered the whole thing to a plain white card I picked up at the supermarket for about 50 cents. Finally, for even more of a handmade touch…


I stamped the inside of the card with alphabet stamps from the craft store. (Great for so many things!)


What I love about this card is not only that it's super easy, but that it's great for both men and women. Plus, with all those numbers to pick from, how perfect would a card like this be for, say, your third Valentine's with your hubby? Your child's fifth? And for double digits, try layering the cards in a unique or unusual way. Happy crafting, sweethearts!