Entertaining, at its best, is pure art. No matter how formal or casual the occasion, memorable events are borne of the attention we pay to detail. Ever since I was in high school, with a side gig arranging crudité, I've nurtured a passion for entertaining and all its many joys and pitfalls, stumbling blocks and triumphs. But isn't that the process by which we learn? Aren't the mistakes we made this time around valuable lessons for the next? Good parties, I've learned, take good planning. It's about knowing what can (and should) be done two, three, thirty days in advance and doing it. But just as important as good planning is even better execution. And that's where the little things—the details—come into play. It's having the right vase for the flowers and the perfect platter for the side dish. It's about assembling a mix of objects on the table that express your style. Pair IKEA chargers with antique Wedgwood plates, dollar store platters with sterling silver spoons. But whatever the occasion, think carefully of the details. And to help, this week we've assembled another eclectic mix of objects on Etsy, some modern, some traditional. Every object I selected myself, and every one of them I would happily use on my own table. This one I set for tea, but not fussily so by any means.


There's a mix of casual and formal elements—daffodils and Paris porcelain, a five-dollar pashmina and embroidered antique linens. An elegant glass cake pedestal holds tea sandwiches, while a footed crystal compote is for sugar. And to sweeten the mix even more, there's a milk glass vase and plate perfect for scones and jam. Now, excuse yourself from the table, and head to the powder room, where a collection of antique linen hand towels lends instant elegance to the experience of powdering one's nose. For an eclectic and sophisticated look, I've layered one towel upon the other, each in varying but similar patterns. The milk glass covered compote, intricately detailed with a strong, almost masculine geometry, conceals unsightly essentials.


And so, however you like to entertain, whether casual or formal, intimate or grand, be mindful of the details and your guests will remember you all the more.