In the short six weeks Jaithan and I have been out in the country, we've received so many kinds wishes from everyone—and even a few gifts along the way! Do you remember the pair of prize-winning Cotswold sheep down at the barn?


Well, not too long ago, our dear friend and fellow blogger Patricia van Esche of pve design presented us with one of her signature illustrations. How adorable is that?


Art of a different kind came in the form of these chic black Jasperware dishes that my friend Steve McKenzie of Larson-Juhl had shadowboxed after our trip to Scott's. Next month, we're going to be featuring even more finds from the flea market, all framed in cool, unexpected ways.     


This gift from a reader in California totally took us by surprise. Apparently, much of her family hails from Dutchess County, New York, not too far where we are! Knowing well of my love for silver and silverplate, Ann sent me two sets of beautiful Gorham silverplate spoons. It would simply make her happy, she said, knowing that I had them. They even have an "EJ" monogram on them! How perfect is that?


As if that wasn't sweet enough, she even included these coin silver spoons, together with a beautiful little mustard ladle. These are from a Dutchess County silversmith from the 1860s. Isn't it so amazing how in that time, they traveled all the way to California, only to find their way back home?


Speaking of, when our good friend Seleta Hayes Howard of Simply Seleta first laid eye on our butler's pantry, she knew exactly what we needed to give it a little sparkle. It's a beautiful silverplate lamp in the shape of a tea service sugar bowl, together with four sterling silver glass coasters. So cute!


In fact, Seleta and her husband Peter, both such sweethearts from our time down in Atlanta, will be among our very first overnight guests this weekend! I think I might set out a few of these gorgeous L'Argent Mini Pagoda candles our friends Bruce Lane and Robert Hernandez of Seda France sent us. What chic packaging and the fragrances themselves are so spot on!


Speaking of great packaging, check out this pretty Tiffany dish reader Michael Botsko presented us when he and his friend, blogger Julie Pritchard, were at the Rose Bowl with us last week. It's going to be perfect on the bedside table in the guest room, together with this candle, when Seleta and Peter arrive.    


A big country breakfast is quickly becoming my favorite way to entertain out-of-town guests.  And no morning meal, especially on a lazy spring Sunday, would be complete without a beautiful mimosa bar, stocked with this yummy sparkling wine my friend Deborah Buck sent us from Little Gates, a great little wine shop in town.  


And finally, thanks to this gorgeous journal set from my friend Anne Bickerstaff, I have the perfect place to record all the meals we'll be sharing with friends this weekend and many weekends to come.


Thank you all for your warm wishes and thoughtful gifts! Now, if we only had enough guest rooms for everyone!