Why can some people pull off a sit-down dinner for twelve without so much as a hitch, while others are caught in a three-alarm panic the moment the doorbell rings? Effortless entertaining, or at least the all-important illusion of it, takes planning. It's about thinking out well ahead of time what you're serving and how you want to serve it. It's the little things, too, that count—the details of the day. If you're having soup, do you want to serve it out of a tureen or in individual bowls at every setting. If you're serving salad at a buffet, sure you could go the conventional route and use a wooden bowl of some sort, but why not surprise your guests with something far more elegant like a vintage milk glass punch bowl?


This week, over at our Etsy store, we've assembled another eclectic but refined mix of accessories and serving pieces, all geared to help you plan the perfect room, party, or in this case, beautiful spring buffet. Height, I've learned, is so important on a buffet; it adds drama and keeps the eye moving. Plus, everything looks so much more important on a pedestal, doesn't it? Pair it with a set of Irish crystal bowls, chilled just so, for a sophisticated and surprising mix. As a caterer, I used to live and breathe buffets, and salad is just one of those things better left undressed. Well, that and the dreamy server the catering company sent over! Nobody likes their watercress wilted, now do they? That's why single creamers are so great for salad dressing. They're the perfect size for letting guests do the deed themselves. For the final touch, salt and pepper in chic monogrammed shakers, and voilà! A well-planned, well-executed salad course that's elegant and memorable. Now when it comes to planning, as important as the food is, of course, the drink!


Lemonade, for example, is something people are actually going to have. It's not like egg nog at a holiday party they invariably pass up on the
way to the bar. So why opt for a dinky pitcher and glasses? This
generous version
with a modern silver band across the top I think is chic,
especially when paired with a set of whimsical flower-etched goblets
and placed atop a laced rim milk glass plate. The Greek Key urn and
Italian cherub candlesticks add to the modern, eclectic feel, while the color palette—tonal pinks together with crisp white—keeps things looking sophisticated and fresh. Happy springtime entertaining, everyone! What are you planning for your first fête of the season? I'd love to hear about it.