Would you do it again? That’s the question readers and reporters ask me time and again after hearing of all the stress and exhaustion of Top Design. Truth is, if it weren’t for the show, I would have never met some of the most fun, generous, and talented people I know! A couple of months back, while Jaithan and I were down in Atlanta for Scott’s, we had the great pleasure of catching up with Kerry and Natalie. We even got to stay in Kerry’s gorgeous house in Cumming! Nathan and Ondine, both such sweethearts, we run into all the time at events in the city. And Andrea…well…from the moment we started working together on the show—I’m still having flashbacks to that bunker challenge!—I knew the two of us would be longtime friends. 


There’s such a warmth and generosity of spirit in her that those of you
who watched the show know well. As a contestant, Andrea, like all of
us, struggled with the isolation and fatigue of 18-hour days with
little or no access to the outside world. But as a mother of four,
fiercely devoted to her family, Andrea’s burden felt somehow greater,
deeper, and as difficult as it was for her to leave the show as she
did, it’s a decision she’s never since regretted. I know because I’ve
spoken often to her in the weeks and months that followed. And what’s
more, I’ve seen, firsthand, how devoted she is not only to her family,
but to everything she does. Do you remember her beautiful guest house
we stayed at on her Topanga Canyon farm back in November?


felt so fresh and comfortable, and that’s exactly how it was this time
around during our visit last Sunday, just after our shopping trip to
the Rose Bowl. (More on that to come!) But with so much going on
between work and the kids, Andrea never got a chance to put flowers in
the house! Of course, everything was perfect as is, but as soon as we
settled in, she insisted that we have them, fresh from her own garden! For the bathroom, Andrea created a small, sweet arrangement of rananuculus, lavender daisies, tulips, and hot pink geraniums.


And for the bedroom, I did white garden roses and purple verbena in an opaline glass vase I found at the Rose Bowl as a hostess gift for Andrea.


We even got a chance to tour the hen house, where Andrea keeps chickens providing plenty of eggs for farm fresh breakfasts.


Aren't they pretty?


And so perfect for soft-boiled eggs the next morning!


It's great to be back, everyone! Our little farmhouse is coming along, and I know you're anxious to see more pretty pics! So are we! Soon, I promise. In the meantime, this weekend we'll be a posting a round-up of all the wonderful house-warming gifts we've received. We'll also be putting up a handful of beautiful new things over at our Etsy store. Then next week, it's the full recap of our Rose Bowl Flea Market trip, including all the folks who joined us and everything they found!