Easter's almost here and with it, springtime entertaining! To help you fill in the details in your home, we've assembled another unique collection of antique tabletop over at our Etsy store with plenty of inspiration for the season. This week also marks 100 under 100—a hundred items I've personally found,
polished, and packaged, every one of them under $100! To celebrate, here's an Easter egg tree of all beautiful, blown, local araucana eggs.  


Prosecco I'm serving in this gorgeous, old set of pressed glass champagne coupes with lavender sugar rims. The candy is an assortment of jelly beans in footed crystal compotes and chocolate eggs in pretty pressed glass salt cellars. Sure, it takes a little extra time (and Calories) to separate out the colors—"Kids, come downstairs, please!"—but getting that finished, magazine-quality look requires planning. And here, it's about a tight, tonal color palette that's subtle and sophisticated. So a warm thank you to everyone who shared in the first one hundred. And by all means, send us pictures! I'd love to see the details in your home.