As wonderful and rewarding as blogging can be, it's meeting our readers in person we love even more! Forgive us for the time away, but Jaithan and I return invigorated and ready to report on all the traveling, flea marketing, wining, and dining we did with fantastic, new friends, all courtesy of Blogland. Some time ago, we received an email from one of our readers and frequent shoppers, Elizabeth, overjoyed at the arrival of a 1930s Sauce Terrine with Gold Embellishment from our Etsy store. Her home in Rye, New York, she wrote, was to be featured in a local house tour, and this terrine was the perfect finishing touch on the dining room table. What an honor, we thought, and how fun would it be to see it in person! Well, Elizabeth, generous beyond measure, quickly extended us invitations not only to the tour but to a special luncheon in our honor at the historic Apawamis Club. Many of her friends were also fans of the blog, so it was the perfect opportunity not only to view beautiful, inspiring homes but to connect with readers on a much more personal level. So on a lush, spring day in Rye, warm and full of sun, here was our host's house.


From the outside, I love how grand it looks without being ostentatious, and with so many charmless mini-mansions out there, this house is a refreshing change. Elizabeth, I would soon find out, loves hot pink, but what I love here is that all the color is completely natural. It's not about garish paint, but rather vibrant, sophisticated plantings. 


The pink is carried deftly throughout, thanks in part to the owners' designer friend Elizabeth Mydosh of EMC Design in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our hosts moved from there to Rye two years ago. I especially love the trim on the window treatment; it's decorated without being stodgy, done but not overdone.  


In the library, or Brown Room as the owners call it, Elizabeth and Grant sought to create a room that was sophisticated but youthful. As traditional as the house looks from the outside, the interiors feel fresh and modern. And who doesn't love a little leopard print in the library? It's such a fun play on a traditional fabric. 


In the dining room, pink appears again, this time as a punchy, graphic napkin on an elegant table set with Herend china, hand-stitched placemats, and sterling silver flatware. 


And here it is, everyone! Our gold-embellished vintage terrine Elizabeth bought from our Etsy shop, still with its original card, mother-of-pearl pin, and ribbon.


Now if you can't see how pretty the flowers looked on the dining table, check out this gorgeous arrangement on the sideboard from Elizabeth's friend Stephanie. In fact, when I saw it, all I could think of was how pretty a Chanel tweed suit in these colors would look! They're tropical with a sharp shot of citrus—orange, tangerine and lemon.


Here's the fawn-patterned runner going up the stairs, another youthful but sophisticated take on tradition.  


At the very top of the house, this bedroom I thought was especially nice. I love the white walls and cream trim, the traditional vanity dresser, and the cute, little curtains in the windows.    


The modern stripe in the duvet together with the Lucite table and traditional lamp is a great mix—understated and beautiful.      


Here's a sweet, little seating area opposite the bed. The pillows on the settee are a pretty linen with painted blue pagodas from our good friend Michael Devine. The soft, sea-inspired color Elizabeth then carried to the backs of the bookshelves, where white coral, books, and porcelain pop.


Finally, the attached bath to this room is clean, sophisticated, and soothing. I love the simple stripe on the roman shade.


And you know how much I love a monogram! The tub is perfectly propped but still feels lived in.


So with the tour all done, it was time to head over to the Apawamis Club for lunch. Here we are with our gracious host Elizabeth (right) and her friend (and fabulous florist!) Stephanie. 


Speaking of, I love the flowers she did for the table, a sophisticated mix of peonies, hydrangea, stock and variegated ficus. Now if we could only get Stephanie to open up a shop of her own!


And finally, here's the group Elizabeth gathered for lunch, many of whom were loyal readers themselves! Everything about this day, from the tour, to the food and wine, together with all the conversations around the table were truly gifts. Blogging, as many of you know firsthand, can often feel like such a solitary endeavor. So much so that we forget how inspiring our words and pictures can be to people.


But how beautiful to be reminded so generously! Thank you, Elizabeth, for the peak into your home—and your heart.