Here in the Hudson Valley, less than two hours outside New York City, holiday weekends in the summer are a fantastic time to shop tag sales and flea markets. This past Sunday, after a quick stop for coffee and croissants at Irving Farm, Jaithan and I, along with our friend (and fellow blogger) Susan Schneider, headed to sprawling Stormville Flea Market, a favorite of mine for years. Check it out! 

And now that we've begun shopping again with readers, last week in New York, with upcoming trips to several other cities, including Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, and San Francisco, I'm hoping I'll get a chance to meet you! Click here for details. It's a short, but busy week for Jaithan and me—we have a magazine shoot here at the house on Thursday—but do look for an entertaining post on a fun al fresco lunch we hosted, along with a recap on the New York shopping trip!