There's a great article on us in the July issue of Style At Home, a fun, fresh design magazine out of Canada. Editor in chief Gail Johnston Habs and her talented team, including style sleuth Brett Walther, create consistently beautiful stories with a great mix of styles, budgets, and products. This issue is all about upcycling, and while the term may be new, the concept is one we all know and love—makeovers! From shabby to chic to the skirted sink, makeovers are my (and your!) favorite projects, and we're thrilled to be included in Style At Home's inspiring and timely take on the topic.


For the interview, Brett fired plenty of questions, all about junking, bartering, and reinventing finds from the flea market or, in this case, shield back chairs from the Goodwill. Click twice to enlarge the image.


There's also mention of our Etsy shop, full of my favorite vintage tabletop and giftware I've collected for years, all for less than $100.


Thank you again to everyone at Style At Home! And stay tuned for another possible story this September, as Jaithan and I head to Toronto with readers for the legendary Christie Antiques Show, the largest and best flea market in Canada! To join us, click here. Have a great weekend, everyone!