Have you seen the Outdoor Party Guide in the July issue of Country Living?


It's full of fun, clever, and useful tips for outdoor entertaining. There's even a recipe of mine for a no-fail sangria, just in time for the Fourth!    


Back in my catering days, I made it up one summer for a party. Turns out, the recipe was such a hit, everybody kept asking me what was in it! Of course, I was a little embarrassed at first, but when I realized how delicious and fast it isโ€”and that anybody can make itโ€”I knew I had a hit!


And so this holiday weekend, amid all the backyard barbecues and country cookouts, why not mix up a drink that's as easy as it is beautiful? It might even look something like this… 


A special thank you to all the editors at Country Living for including me! Cheers!