You know that show on the Science Channel called How It's Made? I'm kind of obsessed. I just think it's fascinating to learn how so many of the things we take for grantedโ€”from Q-tips to couscousโ€”are actually made. Candles are another one. We've all bought the cheap kind, and paid for it in the process, whether with smoke marks on the ceiling or a tablecloth full of wax. Well, smack dab in the middle of the country, in Kansas City, Missouri, there's a group of artisans still making candles the old-fashioned way. They're called Creative Candles, and as a magazine editor, I've been using them for years. Everything about their candlesโ€”the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and especially the colorsโ€”are fantastic!


Last month, while Jaithan and I were doing a series of flower workshops at the candle factory, we had a chance to learn firsthand how they're made. The building itself went from an old, distribution warehouse for electronics to a place where beautiful candles are crafted by hand.


I love all the layers of wax on the floor, like a cool, modernist painting.


The celebration candles (1/4-inch tapers in 6- and 15-inch lengths) are super chic, especially on cakes and cupcakes. Here's a rack of hot pink, 72 connected pairs in all! These I can see on a decadent chocolate cake decorated with pink garden
roses on a hotel silver cake pedestal. And the black ones will
definitely be making an appearance on the Halloween
special this fall, so stay tuned!  


Did you know that Creative Candles are the artisans behind such private
label candles as Pottery Barn, Bloomingdale's and Simon Pearce? With a little luck,
there might even be a package with my own name on it come holiday!


Finally, a moment with our favorite Kansas City candlemakers, Pam Fleischer and Ken Weiner. Both have been such loyal friends and colleagues, and I want to thank them so much for the exciting, insider tour. 

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For the full photo album from the factory floor, including lots of
great captions on how all their tapers, votives and pillars are crafted
by hand, click here. Then, for the next two weeks, if you want to pick up a few of your own for birthdays, holidays and everyday entertaining, visit Creative Candles, enter EDDIE09 at checkout, and you'll receive 15% off any purchase of $50 or more! Finally, the part you've been waiting for…


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