Adding to the mix of fresh-cut flowers: nasturtiums. Beautiful and better yet, edible. Think baby greens, flash-seared salmon, or a peppery broth for mussels. Jaithan, be a lamb, won't you?


Okay, Bridezilla. I know they're pretty, but I've got a table setting to do, so give 'em back! Scene: Me, toting basket, chasing him through yard. A few moments later…     


From my garden to the table: an assemblage of vintage high and low. The porcelain basket I found at a flea market in Paris; the canary yellow cloth at a Goodwill upstate. Casually formal. Formally casual. A mix of summery hues and period styles, where formality fades at every turn.  


First, from our Etsy collection of vintage tabletop and giftware, now updated with ideas and inspiration for early fall: pearlescent Lucite napkin rings from the 1960s, together with simple cloth napkins from HomeGoods. Modern flatware, gold on steel, trumps Ivana with a more tasteful look. Nasturtiums from the garden form low, twin arrangements in antique Wedgwood cups and saucers with gold banding. Finally, a porcelain and gold leaf dish grounds the mix, while pagoda shakers add whimsy.


Dinner will be served in the dining room, where inspiration stems from the outside in. Literally.      


To be continued…