Do you remember the talented and generous Debra Phillips of Scentimental Gardens? Last June, after the fantastic shopping trip to Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, she and her sister Diane hosted a super fun cocktail party for Jaithan and me at their gorgeous store, a 1905 Queen Anne home on State Street in Geneva.


Debra, I must tell you, is all about the details.


So it was only fitting to return the favor with an invitation to visit us in the country. Here's a snapshot of a hearty farm breakfast I made for us here at the house.


The eggs were fresh from our friend Karlina's farm with beautiful, bright yellow yolks. I baked them in an antique copper skillet I picked up in Paris years ago when I was with House Beautiful for Maison & O'bjet.


Diane had surprised us with homemade zucchini bread, which I served with sweet strawberry jam from our neighbor Joanne.


For the full story on all the weekend's activities, including recipes, antique shopping, and more great pics of the area, be sure to visit Debra's blog 5th and State