Do you remember the table setting and flower workshops I did at the Creative Candles factory this summer?


Spaces, the premiere design magazine for Kansas City, published a great recap in this month's issue. A huge thank you to Editor Zim Loy and her talented staff for including me! (Click twice to enlarge.)


Based on the feedback from everyone who joined us, the workshops really were a lot fun—so much so that Jaithan and I are headng back to Kansas City on December 2nd! This time, we're going to be making a sophisticated holiday centerpiece using flowers and candles in a beautiful, totally unexpected way. There's even an early bird special: $100 per person before October 1st; after, $125. Of course, we'll also be having wine and hors d'oeuvres, just to get the creative juices flowing! For reservations, email Pam at Creative Candles or call 816.474.9711 ext. 205. But do hurry…20 of the 60 spots are already gone! Have a great weekend, everyone!