It was February when Jaithan and I moved from the city to the country, from one way of life to another vastly different. Up here, horses roam hills, neighbors are neighborly, and fall bursts into color.


Delicious color, in fact.


This tasty treat I made on Halloween Block Party, airing all this month on HGTV. Take three stacks of tortillas in whole wheat, spinach, and sun-dried tomato, lay down a leaf-shaped cookie cutter or two with a towel to protect delicate hands, and press.


Fry until golden brown, then salt immediately. Leaves are fitting for the fall, but how pretty would wreath or evergreen shapes be for the holidays?     


For a spirited Halloween celebration, serve with ghoulish guac or sinister salsa.


But beware, I tell you. Turn your back for too long, and they’re gone!