Tonight, while prepping a few things here at the house for the Richmond event next week, my good friend Austin—she of Salvation Army Chic—called with some surprising news. Apparently, our house is in the new issue of Vanity Fair!


It's an article about Lonny, the new online magazine from Michelle Adams, an old editor friend of mine, and photographer Patrick Cline. Our farmhouse appeared in the premiere issue—read all about it here—and we're super excited for all the pictures in the spread. (Click twice to enlarge.)        


First, there's the shot of our living room with that Roman bust in the corner. Remember what it looked like back in the city? Well, I have to tell you—I love this little house, but it could have gone Laura Ingalls real fast! The Roman bust was the very first thing I pulled off the truck the day we moved in, and as soon as I put it down, Laura Ingalls be gone.  


Here's the table setting I did before Michelle and Patrick got to the house that day. I wanted it to have that cool, country modern vibe with an eclectic mix of new and old. There's lots of great vintage pieces from our Etsy shop—have you seen the new collection?—along with a first run of my very own line of candles. Check out this pretty table setting our friend Lauren did with them! Oh, and do you remember that brass and Lucite bar cart in the corner? I found it at the Hell's Kitchen flea market back in New York, right down the street from our old apartment.


Also in the article is our butler's pantry—here's what it looked like before we moved in—along with some of my copper. I can't wait to have it all back from the Chateau Chic event we did in September!


Finally, another huge thank you to Michelle and Patrick for including us in the premiere issue of Lonny and also to Fanfair editor Punch Hutton—um, can I have that name?—for picking so many pics from our house for the article!