Is it just me or did Halloween last forever? Now don't get me wrong: I love it, but taping the show back in July, then all the anticipation leading up to it—enough already. Onward and upward! Besides, this blogger's got a turkey to dress and wreaths to make. So what better way to kick off the holiday season than a visit to Richmond, Virginia, one of my favorite cities, for R • Home for the Holidays?


Richmond Magazine is hosting the event at the Virginia Historical Society in just a couple of weeks. And so even amid all the ghosts and goblins, now happily laid to rest, we've also been busy planning easy, inexpensive, and beautiful projects to inspire your holiday decor. For a pre-holiday pow-wow I had with the magazine's editor-in-chief Susan Winiecki, including what's on my wish list this year, click here.


If you're anywhere near Richmond on Monday the 16th—or even if you're not—come see me anyway! I'd love to meet you!


Just be sure to RSVP to (804) 355-0111 ext. 318. See you in Richmond, everyone!