With Christmas just two days away, here's a grand, old house in Greenwich my talented team and I decorate every year. Between the inside and out, we use ropes of thick, freshly cut garland—283 feet in all!—mixing juniper, Fraser fir and, new this year, magnolia. I love how its rich, copper tones pick up on the brick, while the greenery blends subtly with the color of the shutters and door.


To enhance the wreath, we used cinnamon-colored ornament baubles, grouped into clusters.  


Here's the before shot of the archway off the main foyer, leading to the living room.


And here it is decorated with 44 feet of garland (front and back!), then embellished with faux glittered poinsettias in pretty hues of persimmon and burnt umber.   


The staircase before…


The staircase after…


In my mind, decorating for the holidays, from Halloween all the way through Easter, should enhance your home, not take away from it. Here, I love how the garland picks up on the rugs and upholstery throughout the house. Even in the living room, with its rich, green striae wallpaper and persimmon-colored upholstery…


…the garland enhances the decor in a subtle, sophisticated way.  


Of course, I couldn't have done any of it without my trusted team of elves


And finally, here's a moment I love that Ronny (middle-left) created out of greenery scraps, leftover baubles and ribbon, like a beautiful bird's nest nuzzled snuggly in a sconce. How pretty is that?     


With every year at this holiday house different from the last, are there any ideas you'd like to share for next year?