I know we probably all have holiday on the mind, so if I say Jaithan and I are heading back to Atlanta in January, that might seem far-off into the future. It is next year, after all. A time for new hopes and dreams. Or should I say flea markets and frames?


That's right, everyone! We're doing Scott's again on the 10th, one of my all-time favorite flea markets. (Remember how much fun we had shopping with readers the first time around?) January is an especially good month because it coordinates with the gift show, so I'm hoping to see lots of familiar faces—and new ones too! This time around we're also teaming up with my good friend Steve McKenzie from Larson-Juhl Frames for a fantastic event on Saturday the 9th called Tea at Two: An Art & Framing Workshop. First, you'll have an insider tour of their headquarters in Norcross, then sip Pinot Grigio and nibble on tea sandwiches, while I wow you with a fun, informative presentation that takes the guesswork out of groupings, shadowboxes, and all things framed! Finally, for one lucky winner, there'll also be a free frame job, courtesy of Larson-Juhl! Here's Steve and I at Scott's searching for antique baby silverware for a post we did together last May


Turns out, it was a baby kind of day! Remember the cool, colorful way we framed the coat? WIth hot pink matting and punchy, retro wallpaper, it's as stylish as it is sentimental.


And for a blast from the past, here's a story I did with Steve and photographer Brendan Paul years ago for my article Weekend Shopper in House Beautiful. Anyone with Jaithan and me at the flea market last Sunday in Alameda knows I love old buttons and button cards. They're works of art in themselves! For a holiday issue, I found antique ruby glass buttons at Scott's, still on their original card, then framed them in pretty green matting, together with a white fillet and simple white wood frame. Even though the buttons are old, the framing creates a work of art that's fresh and modern. For me, that's one of the most rewarding parts about finding the perfect frame, especially for vintage prints, and at the workshop in Atlanta, I'll show you how!


Speaking of vintage prints, there's a dealer at Scott's I always look forward to visiting when I'm shopping with new friends. His collection of vintage prints, botanicals, and wallpaper patterns is the best I've ever seen! Personally, I love antique black and white lithographs with Greek or Roman motifs. Here at the house, most of them are displayed in an enclosed porch, while in the city apartment, they were sprinkled throughout. Remember the shot in Domino (sigh) above the bar? The frame ("Academie" in silver) is my absolute favorite from Larson-Juhl. 


So if you live in Atlanta or are planning to visit in January, I'd love to see you! On Saturday the 9th, we're doing the Tea at Two framing workshop, sponsored by Larson-Juhl. Then on Sunday the 10th, I'm leading a flea market shopping trip to Scott's starting at 11:00 am. Admission is $10 for the workshop, but free for bloggers(!); $50 for the flea market. For reservations, email
(jaithan@eddieross.com). Hurry, though, space is limited! See you in Atlanta, everyone!