On the subject of ornaments, do you remember the ones we made for the foyer in Kathie Lee's house?


Like the Halloween special, HGTV allotted me the least amount of money out of the designers. But I'm all for a challenge, especially when it comes to delivering beautiful, budget-friendly holiday decor that looks more expensive than it is. Inspired by the water views from Kathie Lee's house, together with the tartan plaid covering walls, ceiling, and upholstery in the room just off the foyer, I headed to—where else?—my favorite Goodwill in Wappingers Falls, New York.


There, I found an assemblage of pretty plaid shirts in watery blue hues, along with those in a more traditional holiday pairing of red and green. Grouped together, I thought they looked eclectic but harmonious. Just remember: pure cotton works better than polyester. Fewer threads to snip.   


To start, I cut away all the seams and buttons until I was left with only large planes of fabric.   


Next came the strips, their length and width varying according to the size of the Styrofoam ball. Each strip should be long enough to wrap entirely around the ball with enough overlap to pin securely. The width is more of an issue of scale. Larger balls require wider widths.


Holding the strip in place, pin twice at one end, wrap tightly around the ball, then pin again. Repeat in a crisscrossing fashion, as though forming an asterisk around the ornament. 


To round out the mix for Kathie Lee, we filled in with ornaments made from inexpensive cotton in coordinating green and white solids.  


Here I am showing her on camera how we made them! 


And here they are all finished in the foyer. On the tabletop tree, we tied each ornament with a pretty blue ribbon, then grouped the ornaments in clusters going up the handrail.        


The boxwood garland was tailored and clean, while the plaid shirt ornaments gave it a more sophisticated, nautical feel. Best of all, Kathie Lee liked what we did so much, she kept every ornament we made!  


So what are you waiting for? Fill in the gaps in your holiday decor by turning forgotten shirts into beautiful, memorable ornaments!