There's a fresh layer of snow outside just in time for Christmas. Like Winter Wonderland in the country.


So before any footprints disturb the still, we thought we'd set the mood for our first Christmas in the country with a view from the inside out.


You know that saying about the cobbler who gets so busy, he's the one walking around with holes in his shoes? Between traveling for events, decorating holiday houses, styling for shoots and, of course, blogging about it all, Jaithan and I had barely enough time to deck the halls of our own farmhouse in the country! But there are moments I'd like to share—details to bring at least a little holiday magic home. To start, we liked the mix of magnolia, juniper, and Fraser fir from Susan's house so much, we thought we'd use it at our place as well. Here's the wreath on the front door, embellished with pretty gold pine cones. I love the copper tones of the magnolia with the wood of the house.


In the living room, I ran the garland tight to the fireplace mantle for a Grecian feel that complements the art, including lithographs in Larson-Juhl frames—I'd love to meet you at the workshop we're doing at their headquarters next month—and a Roman sketch from our friends Debra and Diane at Scentimental Gardens, a housewarming gift during their visit last summer.   


The leopard Christmas stockings I ordered last year from West Elm, though I think they work better here than in our city apartment. The magnolia in the garland even picks up on the colors of our vintage books. 


Over in the corner, Apollo gets the halo effect, a gilded crown of glittered fraser and fresh red cedar. 


The dining room I did for a Southern Living shoot here at the house last week, including a pretty tabletop tree on an antique English tilt-top table I scored at a thrift shop for $25. Remember last year's tree in the city?


As for the rest of the room, I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next year to see how it all turned out! In the meantime, here's a detail from the mantle decorated with a mix of red cedar, white pine, and pepper berries, together with cinnabar tapers in vintage brass candlesticks.


Finally, a Christmas greeting, from us to you. It's my favorite from an unknown woman's collection I found at a flea market this year.


She loved them all dearly and saved them for over fifty years. And though their inscriptions are vintage, their message remains truer than ever. 


Happy Holidays, everyone, from Jaithan and me, and thank you for being a part of our lives!