Did you catch the feature on bar carts in yesterday's paper? Click twice to enlarge or here to read it online. 


Apparently, bar carts are back! Our version I spotted at the Hell's Kitchen flea market over a year ago. It's brass and Lucite, probably from the 60s, with a pop-out tray that's great for serving drinks to seated guests. But with a pint-sized apartment more silver than brass, to the storage space it went until a new home in the country.  


Here it is in our dining room, as featured in the first issue of Lonny.


During the interview with writer Maria Ricapito (an hour-long "parade," as Jaithan put it, through every aisle of our local Jo-Ann's), I talked at length about two of my favorite ways to prop the cart. The first was more of an everyday setup with good liquor in stylish bottles, some more sinister than others, plenty of mixers, and fresh bar fruit. Here's photographer Stewart Cairns last week in our living room, where I'd rolled the cart for an impromptu party.  


The other version (much more my favorite!) was a champagne bar perfect for a New Year's Eve celebration or, as was the case today, a late, late brunch the next morning. Immediately, I imagined my favorite punch bowl full of good, chilled Prosecco, a selection of juices, like orange and pomegranate, along with plenty of fresh fruit. Here I am on the day of the shoot, pouring one of my favorite Prosecco cocktails. It's simply raspberry pomegranate juice and Prosecco in a sugared rim glass, garnished with raspberries.       


A huge thank you to the Times and especially to writer Maria Ricapito for featuring me in the article! Now…who needs a drink?