How can the color palette for a room inspire an entire wedding? Take this one I designed for a story back at Martha


My inspiration came from the wallpaper covering the screen I had custom made for an unexpected headboard in a bedroom. I loved the pale blue of the background, together with the pretty yellow-greens of the hummingbirds. For the walls, I picked a bold shade of yellow, then tempered the room with a mix of bed linens in soft, shear pinks and a natural jute rug. Finally, for something a little more modern, I chose a blond side table with clean lines, topped with a vivid yellow lamp and a matte black shade. Flash forward a few years, and here's what Katherine over at Snippet & Ink dreamt up today. Click to enlarge. 


How gorgeous is that? It's a little bit Bohemian but still soft and pretty. Bold but soothing. My favorites: first, the Frances Palmer cake stand with that that exquisite cake, like Wedgwood Jasperware. Frances I've known for years, ever since I was a food editor on Martha's old show, where we did a whole entertaining story at her home in Weston, Connecticut. She's a true talent making antiques of the future. Love, too, the pink lemonade with the twin black straws, like an exotic butterfly poised on a petal. Normally, I would have done white, but I love the black! It's so much more sophisticated and edgy. Finally,

the table with all that fantastic yellow depression glass is my other favorite in the mix.


Collections, especially at weddings, always feel so wonderfully personal to me. And if you want to fake it, here's an idea that's fast, easy and affordable: First, head to your favorite thrift shop (Goodwill, Salvation Army) for flower vessels. Look for shapes, not finishes, then spray paint them all a pretty matte color to mimic the look of American Art pottery. (Remember this tweet from the color seminars in Richmond?) Going down a table filled white and green flowers, vessels like these would be beautiful! Casual, for sure, but still pulled together and refined. And what about you? Do you have weddings on the mind, past or present? What colors inspire you?