In just a few weeks, we're partnering up with our friends at Creative Candles and Factory Direct Craft for another super fun workshop and cocktail party at the Factory in Kansas City. This time we're going to be etching hurricanes with everyone's monograms for a look that's personal and chic.  


We all know how much I love peony pink, but swap out the candle and base for a different pairing altogether, and the same hurricane takes on a totally different life.     


What a great way to use all those single or double plates at tag sales, thrift shops and flea markets, no? Paired with a pretty antique plate and a hand-poured pillar from Creative Candles, I think these hurricanes look super expensive. Versatile too. Put them on a fireplace mantle, a dining table, a sideboard or even by the tub in the bathroom. When the candle burns down, simply pick another, pair it with a pretty plate, and you're good to go! This last one with the octagon plate feels very Chinoiserie chicβ€”very modern mogul in the city.  


The event is Saturday, March 20 from 2-4 pm at Creative Candles. Price of admission is $75 per person (half for bloggers) with plenty of wine and cheese on hand to get the creative juices flowing! Plus, 10% of ticket sales goes to DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS). We're in town all that week for another DIFFA event at Halls Plaza, but more on that later. For details on the candle workshop, click here. And for reservations, e-mail Pam at Creative Candles ( or call 816.474.9711 ext. 205. See you in Kansas City, everyone!