I've got some exciting news, everyone! We're casting for a pilot, and we need your help! 


Do you desperately need a decor makeover in your home? Here's one I did for friends out on Long Island, published in Country Living.    


Did you inherit furniture you think is outdated but don't have the heart to discard? This colorful makeover, published in Canada's Style At Home, featured a pair of chairs I'd found at the Goodwill, then updated with remnant fabric and paint.  


Do you have a space in your house you can't quite figure out how to use?  For Real Simple last year, I turned an extra closet off the kitchen in our house into a cool, retro bar.


Do you drool over the pages of magazines and blogs, dreaming of a better, more beautiful home? Here's a bedroom I did for House Beautiful with Quadrille fabric hung from antique church corbels.   


Or maybe it's dearly departed Domino that's more your style. Here's our New York City apartment, published in November 2008.  


Carrying on the torch, Lonny just might be your cup of tea. To hide the plumbing beneath an apron sink in our house, I fashioned a pleated skirt from dollar store towels, trimmed in ribbon.


Perhaps your house has beauty and charm, but you desperately need help pulling it all together. In this entry hall I designed for Martha, the console is made from vintage brackets and a discarded marble fireplace mantle.  


So if you live in Connecticut, New Jersey or New York and are looking for a room makeover in your home worthy of a spread in your favorite magazine, click here to apply