This morning, from my middle seat way in the back aboard my very first Southwest flight, I couldn’t help but consider the irony of all of us and our boarding groups, identified only by letter, pushing and shoving at one another, stepping over the elderly and small children alike, until we’d finally settled in our seats, exasperated and breathless, staring at tray tables stamped with golden wings encircling a red heart, like a warm, friendly hug. The whole experience made switching lanes in LA traffic look like a page out of Emily Post.


So with the Rose Bowl behind us and a slew of fantastic new friends we’ll post about shortly, Jaithan and I are in Kansas City, sprinkling our fairy dust, one event at a time.


First, we’re doing a spring-inspired table at Halls Plaza (think Bergdorf’s but in Kansas City) as part of a month-long event starting Thursday called Tables By Design, benefiting DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS). You may have seen pictures from the past of DIFFA’s signature event, Dining By Design, in either New York or LA, but did you know it was actually founded in Kansas City? Testament, I think, to a far more cosmopolitan city than its backwoods reputation would have us believe. Then again, our good friend Mrs. Blandings has known that all along, giving us in ELLE Decor a fantastic, insider look into the city's rich design community. She's a regular contributor to SPACES too, Kansas City's premiere design magazine.


Here's a great, little write-up they did on the DIFFA event at Halls. If you're in town this Thursday evening and would like to shop in support of a profoundly important cause, I'd love to meet you! 


Then, on Saturday the 20th, we're teaming up with Creative Candles and Factory Direct Craft for another super fun workshop and cocktail party. Remember the mouth-watering flower arrangements we made together last summer?


This time, we're etching glass hurricanes with everyone's monogram for a look that's personal and chic. Plenty of folks have already signed up (including our favorite local bloggers!), but there's still room for more. Click here for details.


Not sure how much time we'll have to post this week between pulling together the table and prepping for the workshop, but by all means, follow me on Twitter to see all the action as it unfolds…