Do you ever tire of life at the speed of Twitter? Share This, Digg That. Become a Facebook Fan, darn it. Sometimes I feel like I’m only contributing to the clutter, and that’s when I know it’s time to power off. Shut down. Or at least put it to sleep long enough to make something. Cook a meal. Set a table. Clip flowers. They’re luxuries, all of them, and they’re getting lost. The way I see it, bringing the beautiful back home isn’t about making everything from scratch. Polishing every piece. Ironing every wrinkle. It’s about doing the little things that go a long way. From the Home section of Sunday's Chicago Tribune, here are five simple ways I try to bring balance back to my life, one lost luxury at a time. (Click images twice to enlarge.)   



Huge thanks to Barbara Mahany of the Chicago Tribune for the article! Now your turn: Care to share a few lost luxuries you'd like to bring back?