Just back from SCAD style in glorious Savannah, where we met up with friends Nick, Rita and Michelle for a thought-provoking panel on the magazine editor-turned-blogger phenomenon. Some highlights: a) magazines may be shrinking in number, but the nimble shall survive; b) the best blogs are the most originalโ€”and the most authentic; c) partnerships between the two benefit both; and d) whether you're 18 or 81, if you've thought about blogging as a way to get your name out there, do it. Just be yourself and say something interesting. On that note, I know we don't post as often as we once did, but we're going to be better about it, continuing to inspire and delight you as often as our travel dates allow! So with that, here's a spring arrangement I made with tulips and pear blossoms growing in the garden.


The polka dot bowl is vintage Fire King from the 50s, one of my favorites for a cool, retro-style party. In the summer, I love it for classic barbecues with potato or macaroni salad. And how cute would it be at a holiday brunch for a make-your-own waffle buffet? Well, it may not be Christmas, but it is Sunday, so now I have waffles on the mind. If only I had one of these and my fantasy would be complete.


It's an old Nelson Waffle Iron, probably from the 40s. Here's the recipe every machine came with back in the day, just in case you're feeling the nostalgia.


We're off to Philadelphia tomorrow for A Date with a Plate, a fantastic event of inspirational table decor, benefitting the Noreen O'Neill Foundation for Melanoma Research. In addition to creating one of the tables, we're doing a presentation showing how it all came together, soup to nuts. If you're in or around Philadelphia this week, I'd love to see you! Now, back to the kitchen for some waffles…