There's been an accident, dear friends, and we've lost sweet Marija Stephens of Holding Court.


Beautiful, witty, with a heart of gold, Marija was an Angel on Earth—not only to her husband Cory and to her young children Olivija and Nigel, but also to every one of us whom she touched, day after day, with her warm, honest musings on Life, motherhood and design.


We had the great fortune of knowing both Marija and Cory personally, and for that, we are so blessed. Our time just weeks ago sparked a friendship every one of us knew would have lasted our entire lives. 


From that magical afternoon in Wayne spent laughing, eating and toasting one another to shopping the flea market together for treasures, our memories of Marija—her adventurous spirit, her sweet smile, her sharp wit and of course, her wonderfully contagious laugh—shall live on in our hearts forever. 

She was an Angel and always will be. We love you, Marija, and we’ll miss you terribly. 

To read Cory's own beautiful tribute to his wife, click here.  

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