Spent the weekend milling about town…


First up, a brass and ebony mid-century modern chafing dish in near-perfect condition. All it needs is a good polish. Up here, fall is coming on fast and furious, so naturally, I'm already planning our holiday party. Maybe this year, I'll do a creamy brie fondue with toasted brioche and crisp, green apples. 


These oval baking dishes I love, especially for warm, wintry pot pies. They're Arabian pottery of FInland, probably from the 50s, with pretty fluted finials. I used to rent similar ones from prop houses in the city all the time for magazine shoots.  


Our Goodwill finds, including six more octagonal brass chargers, just like the ones we used here.  


Cross the road to a thrift shop we hadn't been to in ages and look what Jaithan found for 75 bucks.


It's a 1960s, gilded faux bamboo étagère with glass shelves. We'd been looking for something just like it for so long, it's like the measurements were permanently burned into my brain. We're in an old farmhouse, tending towards Laura Ingalls, so we like to up the glam factor whenever we can. Finally, all the vintage decorating and garden books have a home. 


The side chair, by the way, I just recovered for a shoot here at the house with a quirky black on tint linen from Quadrille called Ziggurrat. We're contributing to designer Celerie Kemble's new book all about black and white, due out next year. First things first, though, and that means another shopping trip (or two) with readers this Saturday the 18th to one of my favorite flea markets just outside D.C. Click here to see what others are saying.  


The first trip at 11 is sold out, but there's still about 5 spots left for the second one at 2. Shoot Jaithan an email (jaithan@eddieross.com) for a spot, and we'll see you Saturday!