Lunch had just arrived when Michelle and Patrick began clicking through the beta version of this curiosity called Lonny. Not a blog. Not a magazine. London meets New York, and here we were in Millerton, about the furthest place from either. Michelle I'd known for years, ever since her days at Domino, but Patrick I'd never met before, nor had I seen his work. "Trust me," she said weeks earlier, when she first proposed the idea of including our country house in their new project. "You won't be disappointed." Just four months after leaving the city for greener pastures, we ourselves had barely begun to settle in. Fast-forward a year, and Lonny is celebrating its very first birthday! Who knew the beta version of this never-before-seen media would come to revolutionize our experience of magazines? Time and again, Lonny has proven its worth, inspiring us to decorate more beautifully, entertain more elegantly, and shop more creatively. For this issue, Jaithan and I created a vintage and modern, mix-and-match Thanksgiving table high on luxury, low on cost. Thank you first to our friends at Quadrille Fabrics, Chelsea Workroom, 145 Antiques, Creative Candles, Lowe's and Shandell's for their great generosity. And thank you to Michelle, Patrick and the entire team at Lonny for the honor of including us in your pages. Enjoy, everyone!