The itsy bitsy spider…

…went up the chandelier.


Here's a ghoulish setting spun from a mix of black and white wares sure to inspire any Halloween fΓͺte. With glittered spiders from Pottery Barn and a weblike linen from Quadrille, I conjured a table crawling with beastly bugs and spooky spirits.     


Apple green shocktails in Venetian glass flutes do a dastardly dance around a sawtooth compote with faux black flowers. Hotel silver chargers and black amethyst glass plates are the perfect perch for a trio of owls. These plates I've collected one by one, from junk shops and antique stores, for years.

The forks are a mix of English hotel silver and American silver plate, while the antique linen napkins display a sinister script reminiscent of R.I.P.     


Pray tell, what are you brewing up this Halloween?