Here's a quick, insider look into everything that went on behind the scenes of the holiday videos!

Eddie Ross #1

When it comes to the outside of a house, I've never been partial to swags. This one had such pretty gingerbread moulding anyway that I knew I wanted to keep the garland tight to the archway for a cleaner, more modern look.


Whenever I'm out and about shopping for holiday decor, either for magazines or for private clients, I'm always looking for ways to embellish wreaths and garlands, especially in the corners and at unfinished ends. These shatter-proof bells from Sears had a high-end look at a next-to-nothing price. 


Faux or real garland? Why not both? For a lusher, more abundant look, we twisted faux, prelit garland from Sears around real cedar. It keeps the cost down and saves you the time/energy/anguish of having to string the lights yourself! 


To play up the symmetry of a house, I love hanging wreaths on windows. These faux, prelit ones from Sears were super affordable and they'll last forever. We then embellished them with smaller versions of the bells, wiring each with a gold ornament on the inside. Even though Jaithan and I were working, we did manage to have a lot of fun on set!     


Here's the finished entryway during the day with bells wired to the ends and corners of the garland for a more polished look. 


And here it is at night! Can't you just see the brandied egg nog in a big, beautiful punch bowl beyond the door?   


A fireplace mantle is the perfect place to bring holiday charm to the inside of your house. For this shoot, I hung a faux, prelit wreath right over a bulls-eye mirror to bring a lightness to the room, then decorated it with ornaments and glittered pine cones from Kmart. And by the way, those lights were about ten times hotter than they look! 


For a quick and easy centerpiece, place a wreath over a cake pedestal, a glass hurricane in the center and embellish away! 


To adorn the mantle even more, I draped the sides with beaded garland, then anchored the corners with clusters of ornaments.  

Eddie Ross #10

Call me crazy, but before I decorate any tree, whether our own, a client's or on set, I like to group all the ornaments by color. That way, I know exactly what I'm working with, so the tree ends up nice and even. 


Here's the view on the monitor about mid-way through the segment.  

Eddie Ross #26

And here's the tree all finished! 

Eddie Ross #27

My favorite ornaments are the fabric cupcakes from Kmart. They're super cute and the kids would love them! The faux snow gives the tree a frosty, winter wonderland feel, while beautifully wrapped packages in the same color palette give it a high-end, decorator look.   


Huge thanks to publicist Colleen Cleary with Euro RSCG and Kara Blake with Kmart, both of whom were such joys to work with. Thank you also to everyone at Firstline Media for being so organized and efficient right from the start. Finally, thank you to my two right-hand elves, Ronny and Jaithan, on this and so many other holiday projects.  


Oh, and be sure to enter our $250 giveaway before the 8th, courtesy of Sears and Kmart. Everyone could use a little help this holiday!